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Reflections Identity Workshop

A workshop for people who feel they have issues with identity.  A space to explore  who we are, who we want to be or who we want to stop being . Trauma both in childhood and as adults can cause us to lose our sense of self, this workshop is a great chance to play with this issue in a safe and non-threatening way in order to help begin to find yourself again or to figure out who you are after difficult times.

2 x 90 minute sessions - £40 

Max. participants 8

Peer to Peer workshop -

Living with Labels

These themed workshops are for those living with psychiatric diagnoses. It is an opportunity to explore, with others who share the label, how the diagnosis influences our live, behaviour, how we see ourselves and how others see us in a non-threatening way using creative methods such as photography and art. No prior experience of creativity is required, all materials provided except cameras so bring your camera or mobile phones if the session is a photography one. Sessions are facilitated by Sandy, mental health expert and previously labelled individual, and either Paul if photography or a person with the same label. 

2 x 90 minute sessions - £40 

Max. participants 8 

Hacks for Happiness

This workshop is for anyone who would like some new skills to update their tools for living. It is a creative exploration of new tools for life, we focus on one tool each week and practice in the intervening week reporting back how we got on at the following session. The last session will be a celebration of our triumphs and challenges throughout the 5 week closed group course.

5 x 90 minute sessions - £100 

Max. participants 8

Highs, Lows, Fears and Aberrations

This 4 week,  closed,  or 1 day training workshop is for people who work with those in mental distress without any formal training. It contains all you will need to help you understand distress behaviours, it will equip you to begin to understand the impact of trauma on people's lives and decode the commonly used diagnostic labels in mental health services. You will leave feeling better equipped for your work as a support worker, carer, police person, teacher etc with some practical tools to help you along the way to care for others more effectively and to care for yourself. 

4 x 90 minute sessions - £80

Max. participants 8

1 x day (10:00 - 16:00) - £80

Max. participants  25

Really valued Sandra's experience from within such a variety of roles. The small group discussions were much easier to navigate than sharing with a whole group so this worked well. 2024
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